Eastside Market & Fireams

Frequently Asked Questions

American Flaf with Handgun Firearms McMinnville

Do you Work on Guns?

Short answer, Yes! We provide gunsmith services. If it's something we can't do in-house, I have a Gunsmith with extensive experience whom I recommend, and can put you in touch with.

Do you Buy or Trade?

Yes on both accounts! Our saying is "We'll look at anything!" If it's something we think we can sell, we'd be glad to have it. If its something we think we'd have trouble moving, we'll say so. We won't try to beat you out of something, and we'll always trade fairly! Honesty is the best policy. We Do Not pawn guns, or any other items.

Do you perform FFL Transfers?

Absolutely! We charge $30 for an FFL transfer. $20 for the paperwork, and $10 for the required TICS background check.

Do you ship Firearms?

We sure do. If you sell on GOC, or Gun Broker, and want us to ship a gun for you, we'll be happy to!

Do you teach the Tennessee Handgun Carry Class?

We do not do training at this time. We currently refer everyone to Rangemaster Firearms Training @ 931-607-2313. The quality of their instruction is second to none! Contact them on Facebook below.

Do you Sell Re-loading Supplies?

We sure do. We keep a stock of powders, primers, and bullets. If we don't have what you want, we can order it!